Oatmeal Cream Pie (Darlisha’s Desserts) 

For those of you don’t know, this summer I’m in the middle of a cross-country bike trip, so I will get to visit many different states! I’m biking with six other people and our path is quite set, so straying away to find good desserts is hard, but occasionally I manage. 

Yesterday we made a long lunch stop at Owensboro, Kentucky, and it was here that I got to purchase my first “real” dessert. Well, I call it “real” because the only other desserts I’ve had thus far on this trip are granola/protein bars and homemade desserts, but I’m not interested in talking about bars (at least right now) and homemade desserts are harder to review and perhaps recommend (although I may reconsider this stance). 

Anyways, we spent three hours in Owensboro, so I decided to make a quick stop at an interesting dessert shop I found on Google Maps – Darlisha’s Desserts. 

It looked rather modest within its lonely street, but the shop had some personality when I stepped inside. It was spacious and had a metallic feel to it, but there were a few tables and chairs huddled to one area. There also weren’t many options to choose from, but everything I spied looked tasty enough. 

As I am oft to do, I asked the server what their most famous or popular item was; I was recommended the Oatmeal Creme Pie. When I looked more closely at what they were pointing at I noticed that – hey! – I’ve eaten these before! I vaguely remember eating them, individually wrapped, as a child years ago from some box from the grocery store. These were a whole lot bigger and more stuffed, so I definitely had higher expectations. 

I bought all two of their remaining pies and then, carefully balancing them in my jersey’s back pocket, I rode my bike to a nearby coffee shop called The Creme to regroup with my friends and enjoy some down time. 

Ok, let’s get to the pie itself. From the start, I knew this dessert would be super rich. The cookie “crusts” of the pie were dyed deep golden-brown with oil  and cratered with lots of little holes and pockmarks that lightly helped clutch the oil like a sponge. Even though the crust was made with oatmeal, there was no way these were healthy in slightest (but of course, who really expects and enjoys desserts primarily for their healthiness?). The crust also carried a powerful aroma that hit me whenever I was anywhere near the pies. Such a sweet smell is usually a good indicator that I should be careful with how much I should eat in one sitting, or else I’ll be oversweetened.

The creme within looked just as engorged with flavor. Not only did it look like some sort of condensed mixture of whip cream and cream cheese frosting, but there was plenty of it packed in the pies. I know some people like to lick the creme out of cookies (like with Oreos), but they’d might reconsider in this case. Like the crust, its sweet smell was tangible. 

I let my friends have a go at the pies before I did, and most of them eagerly took a piece. I was left with a whole pie and some extra, but even that turned out to be too much. The first bite filled my mouth with a soft, mushy (yet firm) goodness that I bet not even toothpaste could prevent. I felt like I was eating a thick cupcake, only instead of fluffy bread I was eating a very chewy cookie that oozed oil and sugar with every bite. The creme was also thick, but it melted so calmly in my mouth that it spread and sugar-coated my whole tongue. 

But as I kept taking bites, I realized that these Oatmeal Creme Pies were perhaps a bit too sweet for me. The textures of the soft crust and hearty creme quickly lost their differences when chewed, and considering how much sugar and oil each part had, I eventually felt like I was just eating balls of mushy fat and sugar. After three bites I already had to take longer pauses between bites, and beyond that I was beginning to feel like eating the pies were more of a job than an indulgence. It was never unpleasant to eat (although the sugar crash soon after surely was), but I realized that overly-sweet desserts might not be my taste. Maybe if I had a glass of milk to wash the pies down I would have enjoyed them more?

I don’t expect to like every dessert I come across – and that’s ok – but I look forward to tasting the next dessert that comes my way! 


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