Tiramisu (プチティラミス)

For the last two months I’ve been living in Japan, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a wide variety of delicacies and desserts from both supermarkets and personal vendors alike. I have to return home in about two weeks, but before I go I want to sweeten my adventure’s end with a torrent of new dessert experiences. 

To that end today I purchased a Puchi-Tiramisu (Japanese: プチティラミス) alongside my normal groceries. The prefix “puchi” comes from the French word “petit,” which means “small.” As often as I’ve seen tiramisu in Japan, I’m a little surprised that I’ve never actually eaten it before. I just wanted to try it, so I opted for a small serving of this regal dessert.

The package was tiny, but filled to the brim with fluffy goodness! Once upon my first bite, I was met with a bold, yet mellow combination of flavors and textures. 

The mascarpone cheese was the strongest ingredient in the mix. Its tart flavor and airy texture reminded me of cheesecake and whip cream, but its lightness allowed the tiramisu’s soothing coffee accents, which were already hinted in the aroma, to peek out and make its debut in the aftertaste. 

The cocoa powder dusting the confection was a small detail, but not one easily missed. After a bite of moist, rich custard, the dry powder lightly caked my tongue and shared its rich chocolate flavor. There were also tiny pieces of savoiardi biscuits (or some kind of bread?) hidden in the mix adding to the texture medley. They were the “solid” pieces of the tiramisu, but they were as soft as super-airy sponge cake. 

Tiramisu is the newest entry on my (admittedly shallow) list of desserts experienced, but it has definitely left me with a desire for more. Maybe the next time I visit the supermarket I’ll purchase a few to last a while. Or if I’m determined, I’ll hopefully one day get the chance to try a more authentic variety in a restaurant or in Italy.


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